Week 5 Overview

Mentoring Specific Announcements

  • All sections will be held in Cory 284.
  • Attendance is mandatory for the first three weeks. I will take attendance, so you do not need to worry about it.
  • To be counted as an excused absence, please notify me that you are missing section at least 1 hour before section.


Links for each week's packet, solutions, and guide are below. Guides are being made in order of demand and amount of time I can spare. Note: Some resources may not be available yet.

Week 5 (worksheet) (solution) (guide) Week 10 (worksheet) (solution) (guide)
Week 6 (worksheet) (solution) (guide) Week 11 (worksheet) (solution) (guide)
Week 7 (worksheet) (solution) (guide) Week 12 (worksheet) (solution) (guide)
Week 8 (worksheet) (solution) (guide) Week 13 (worksheet) (solution) (guide)
Week 9 (worksheet) (solution) (guide) Week 15 (worksheet) (solution) (guide)

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If this is an emergency, please include [Emergency] in the subject line. I will do my best to resolve this ASAP. All other messages may take me up to 24 hours to respond.

If you wish to set up a meeting, please include all date/times you are available.

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